The Pembroke Clock Tower

The Pembroke Clock Tower was built in 1903 and forms part of the Old Guard Room. It gives Pembroke a unique character and serves as a landmark and meeting place. It is the highest building in Pembroke and has been restored in 1995.

Pembroke Battery

Pembroke Battery was an Artillery Battery built by the British between 1897 and 1899 and armed with two 9.2-inch Breach Loading MK X guns, each in an open barbette emplacement (a protective circular concrete emplacement around a gun which fired over the top of the parapet).  Its magazines and other amenities were built underground.  

The Battery was struck off the armaments list in 1919 and the guns were dismantled and remained unused.  During the housing expansion program in the 1980s, the western barbette gun emplacement and part of the underground magazines were demolished for a new road and four housing units.

The remaining gun emplacement consists of a reinforced concrete semi-circular parapet shielding a platform on which the gun was mounted and traversed.  Inside the wall of the gun emplacement are a number of expanse magazines for the storage of shells for immediate use in case of an emergency. 

On each side of the battery are underground magazines, a telephone room, gun crew quarters and the artillery store. At the rear of the battery are the remains of the foundations of the Guard Room, ablutions and the gate, as well as the ditch and parts of the glacis where barbed wire provided additional security.


Fort Pembroke

Fort Pembroke was built by the British to defend the Grand Harbour as well as part of the Victoria Lines. The building of the fort was proposed in a defence committee recommendation in 1873, and construction started on 24 January 1875 and was finished in December 1878.[2] The fort has an elongated hexagonal shape, surrounded by a ditch and glacis. It contained underground magazines and casemated garrison quarters. It was armed with three RML 11 inch 25 ton guns and one 64-pounder gun, which were mounted en barbette.

  • Harq Hammiem Valley and Cave
  • Madliena Tower
  • Pembroke Commonwealth Graves
  • Pembroke Ex-Rifle and Pistol Ranges
  • Australia Hall
  • Pembroke Barracks
  • Andrew’s Barracks
  • Patrick’s Barracks
  • George’s Barracks
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