Reġjun Traumtana is now introducing the Permits Online Application System – POAS.

The objective is to simplify the current process when applying for a permit to use equipment or machinery in the local road systems. It can also be used for any other permits required from the local council. By utilising this excellent service, you will save time and unnecessary effort by simply requesting precisely what you need, in a matter of minutes.

The process goes as follows:-

  • Click on the Council button from the list below.
  • Fill in and submit the form – you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of receipt.
  • The Council will respond by confirming the cost to issue the permit, asking you to send proof of payment.
  • Once proof of payment is received, the Council will issue and send you the permit and any relevant documents and further details online.

It is very important that one fills in all the requested information in a clear and accurate way and the request should be sent by not later than 48 working hours before the time of requested activity.

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