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Rent an e-bike to discover one of the most attractive and inspiring villages in the Maltese archipelago, situated in the western part of Malta, eight miles away from Valletta. Ride across the spectacular cliffs that plunge straight into the Mediterranean Sea, the Roman remains of Ta’ Baldu, visit the highly ornate nymphaeum and a fresh water spring of Diar il-Bniet, or the woodland of Buskett and taste the freshest and finest of Maltese traditional products.


  • For the first 60 minutes the user will be charged €5
  • For the next two hours the user will be charged €3 per hour
  • Then the user will be charged €2 every hour thereafter



Terms of use: The renter and / or the designated driver certifies to be able to be able to use and have the control of the rented property. The tenant declares that they have no medical contraindications. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The tenant agrees to use the rented property himself. The loan or subletting of the rented property is strictly prohibited.

The tenant is forbidden to intervene on the rented property in case of breakdown without the agreement of the renter. It is forbidden to park the pedelec on a sandy beach, as damage to the pedelec could be irreparable. He is the custodian of the Rented Goods and remains responsible for their use with regard to the Rented Properties themselves as well as to third parties.

The tenant agrees to respect the highway code and pay attention to pedestrians. Wearing the helmet by the tenant is highly recommended by the renter.

Payment and methods of payment of the benefit: The entire service is paid by the tenant under the following conditions: – at the time of conclusion of the contract in case of immediate availability of the Rented Goods.

The methods of payment accepted are: by credit card. In all cases the deposit is taken as collateral at the time of the provision of the Rented Goods. Liability – Damages to Rented Goods – Theft: The renter releases The Dingli Local Council from any liability arising from the use of the Rented Property in particular with regard to the bodily, material and immaterial consequences of accidents of any kind. The tenant declares to hold a personal insurance in civil liability which guarantees the responsibility incurred during the use of the Leased Goods by himself, the persons in his care that his attendants, family and friends, members of the group or company and its customers.

The tenant does not benefit from any cover for the damage or the theft suffered by the Rented Goods and engages personally responsibility for the said damage, breakage and theft. The damage suffered by the Rented Goods, the theft or the loss of the Rented Goods will be invoiced to the tenant according to the tariff in force fixed hereafter “nomenclature of the degraded parts”.

Restitution: The return of the Rented Goods will be done at the contractual maturity.

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