Reġjun Tramuntana emcompasses 12 local government councils. Information about and interaction with each council, is to be found throughout these pages.

The objectve of this site and the supporting mobile application is to give local residents and visitors the most updated information to date.

As this is a community project, we welcome and encourage any suggestions made to continually improve the content.

The Local Councils










San Pawl il-Baħar



A Series of Blogs

3 Blogs about the Region


Find out what is going on in the region, to improve and maintain a better environment.


Find out what is going on in the region, to improve and maintain a better environment.


A better title for this is probably ‘ A HISTORY OF SOMETHING’ . The intention here is to produce a historical account of subjects relevant to Reġjun Tramuntana.

Heritage & Culture

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About Reġjun Tramuntana

Malta is subdivided into 5 regions (Maltese: reġjuni). Three regions were originally created by the Local Councils Act of 1993, and were integrated into the constitution in 2001. Two of the regions were split into smaller ones by Act No. XVI of 2009, and now there are five regions.

Each region has a Regional Committee (Maltese: Kumitat Reġjonali), which consists of a Regional President, a Vice President, an Executive Secretary and between 10 and 14 members.

Although the smallest region in terms of Council Members, Reġjun Tramuntana is probably the largest in terms of area and population.

According to the last NSO population statistics, there are around 109,000 people, or 23.5% of the Maltese population living within the region. All the 12 councils are rural with substantial urban areas  which have grown in recent years.

Nearly all the councils have strong agricultural areas, as well as a very healthy tourism industry.

A Message From….

The President of Reġjun Tramuntana

Mr. Anton Mifsud

Community Social Projects

The Elderly

Projects, Events & Services continuously being set up for the benefit of the elderly

Young People

Regional Events, Projects & Activities for the young community


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Our intention is to create a periodical newsletter of the Tramuntana region.

Full details of this will be published soon. 

Please fill in the contact form to the left to receive the newsletter in your email box directly.

Region President


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